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Captain Hits FAQs

What is Minumun commission payout?

Minumun commission payout is $10
and paid out monthly
sometimes we may pay early
Even Free Members can earn.

Are there refunds?

No Refunds Offered
Once you make a purchase your referr's account is instantly credits.
Advertising is something once used can't be retrieved back, therefore there could be nothing returned since it was used.
In extreme case where fraud was involved we will consider a refund meaning it wasn't your paypal account and you were hacked but would have to be proven with 3rd party.

How Do I Receive Hits?

Click 'Surf' on the members area menu
to start viewing sites from other members.
You will earn credits for every site you view.
Your site will receive one hit for each credit
that you assign to your site.

What is a traffic exchange?

Traffic exchanges are online services
where web site owners trade traffic.
Other members of Captain Hits will
view your web site when you visit the
sites of other members.

How can i ask a question?

If you need support you can reach me by clicking the banner below! Please make sure to let me know it is regarding Captain Hits in your comments!